Abia State University Exam Hall

Only Absu Realest knows The Impact and Tensions of This Hall {THE HALL CARRY FIRE WITH LIL BIT OF UNDILUTED ANIONTING}
Final year exam for Absu No be beans dat year......Department of Microbiology ABSU sweet die buh na borrowed course spoil am. Give credit to any Absu alumni around u cos exam hall eh fit make u remember ur ancestors or u fit get isi akwara without consent. #Just Negodi how we use to write exam dt year. am proud of my alumni, we don't do expo..we don't Facebook, we just face our books.
If u know u proudly #Absu blood and u covered your papers that year during exam hall and u have not by any chance carried first class or made impact in d society ngwanu go for forgiveness of sins in ur church
#N/B If u enter this HALL, you would know HALL pass HALL....
The only hall all lecturers and prof would be present, Before you know it prof Ify Elekwa will start tearing script if u turn left or right to peep.
Dr akpanta would fish u out with ur mgbo anywhere u are.
Dr osita would swap u seat to the front sharply if u make paim
Prof Onyeagba will come and say this hall is noisy and next thing you'll hear is everybody drop your pen and stand up.
Sir happy, Dr hope, Mrs Nwachukwu, Dr elendu, Dr Ij ,Prof. Umeham and Engr Igwe Join with JU Ogbonna,Nnorom, prof akwubugwo, Dr chinyere and many others.. all of them would make sure fear grip u soteee u wd read ur text books and handouts back to back even Remix the readings for you to be well Equipped.
If you don't read your books and be Facebooking you are on ur own because all kind of invigilators, prof, lecturers, school securities,man o war, Dog unit would be present live to supervise and invigilate you and their appearance fit make you forget ur answers if you are not mentally strong.
I Love my lecturers and prof dem, they are the best and they made me whom i am today..and my future is modeled with their principles


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