PayU Nigeria Lets You Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira With GTBank MasterCard and Other Nigerian Debit Cards

PayU Nigeria installment portal has been coordinated with Facebook ads charging framework, in this way making it simple for Nigerians to pay for Facebook Ads in Naira.
You no longer need to stress over getting dollar cards to pay for Facebook ads In Nigeria nor do you need to stress over month to month global spend constrain which Nigerian banks have forced on their cards.

In the event that you've set "Naira" as your money in your Facebook ads account and you've not possessed the capacity to pay for your Facebook ads with cards like GTBank Mastercard, you can now do as such by making utilization of "Naira card installment with PayU".

You can even utilize a card that has already been hailed by Facebook to add assets to your Facebook Naira promotion account through PayU. Cool...huh? Better believe it, it bodes well ☻
PayU essentially acknowledges installment in the interest of Facebook and assets your Naira Facebook promotion account. Facebook deducts installment for all your Facebook adverts from the prepaid adjust and you can include more cash whenever. i.e on the off chance that you pay N5,000 through PayU, N5,000 will be shown as the adjust of your Facebook promotion account prepaid adjust and it is from the N5,000 that Facebook will deduct installment for your Facebook adverts - and you can add more cash to the adjust at whatever time.
Your promotion battles will be charged in Naira and you can even set an every day spending plan as low as N500. Along these lines, in the event that you've been paying like $0.01 per post engagement before now, Facebook may charge you as low as N3 per post engagement. Along these lines, you no longer need to expect you will be charged N315 per snap or N490 per click.
PayU acknowledges both MasterCard and VISA check cards and on the off chance that you need to utilize GTBank Mastercard to subsidize your Facebook promotion account by means of PayU, you will be required to enter your one time OTP to finish the exchange.

I've attempted it and it's working fine for me in spite of the fact that I at first needed to sit tight for some days prior to my reserve could reflect in my Facebook promotions account prepaid adjust. The PayU Nigeria client mind sorted it out for me.
Attempt it and let me know whether it works for you as well.
NB: You may need to make new Naira Facebook promotion account by means of an individual Facebook represent you to have the capacity to pay for Facebook ads with PayU. You won't not see the choice to pay by means of PayU in the event that you make new Facebook promotion account by means of Facebook Business Manager and on the off chance that you change your current Facebook ads account from USD to Naira..


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