New 4G LTE: Ntel Data Plans for 2017

Early middle of last year, Ntel launched their 4G/LTE-Advanced network that offers superfast internet connection in Nigeria. Ntel haven't grow much stand
yet because they only have limited network coverage in Nigeria at the moment. Though, you can find their
network coverage in Lagos, Port-harcourt and Abuja.

Ntel has three various data packages Smartphones Lite, Smartphone Data Weekly and Smartphone Data Monthly.

All the Ntel data bundles or plans comes with Unlimited data plan which let you consume a lot of GigaBytes (data) before your NTEL internet subscriptions expires.

To use Ntel 4G LTE internet service, you need to have supported 4G LTE smartphone or devices that works with bands: 3(1800) and 8(900) and you can also buy their 4G LTE MiFi that is capable of connecting multiple devices at once.

Smartphones Lite 
The Smartphones Lite data tariff plan cost just N1,000 and it come with no data caps, simply means that you can download a lots of movies/files without any restrictions. The data plan is valid for 2 days only. The Smartphones Lite come with freebie but on condition, you will enjoy 3 months unlimited data so long as your plan remains active.

Smartphone Data Weekly
The Smartphone data weekly is another amazing tariff from Ntel. Unlike the Smartphone Lite that last for just 2 days, the Smartphone Data weekly gives
you 7 days unlimited browsing/ downloading for just N3,000. The subscription works on both Ntel SIM
or Ntel MiFi.

Smartphone Data Monthly
Ntel smartphone monthly data is one of the best data bundle for heavy internet data users. For a whole month (30 days) you will be able to browse and download without data cap for just N10, 000. You can use this bundle with your Android, iOS, PC and other internet enabled gadgets. The Smartphone data monthly also come with freebie but
on condition, you will enjoy 3 months unlimited data so long as your plan remains active. 

How To Subscribe To Ntel Data
Plans 4G LTE?
You can subscribe to any Ntel data plans through their online payment gateway. This payment method will include you using your ATM Master/Visa/Verve debit cards to buy or purchase the data plans. Click HERE
to subscribe for Ntel Data Plans.

You can also visit any of their outlet to buy any of their bundled.


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