How To Get Jumia Affiliate ID and Api Key (Account IDs)

Jumia Affiliate is an online program by Jumia to help publishers make money by promoting their own products and when promoting is sucessful, publishers get paid with commissions. Last week i wrote an article on how to join jumia Affiliate Program and best way to promote affiliate products (jumia @ large).

All publishers are meant to have ID. All publishers advertising network have their own id. Google AdSense is an example, it has it own publisher id which is one of the things used to detect clicks on particular live ads.

Though Ad networks doesn't make use of Api Key but jumia affiliate is involved.

How To Get Jumia Affiliate ID and Api Key (Account IDs) 

Step 1 : Log in to your jumia affiliate program

Step 2 : Tap the ID at top of the dashboard, like below snapshot and click Profile

Step 3 : You can now view your Affiliate ID and Api Key (Account IDs) from that page. That's all.


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