How to Boost Earnings and Traffic of your Website or blog

In this world of online marketing and earnings the competition has begun and policies of Search engine like google and are been strict so if you are sleeping or watching movies and thinking that your website will get traffic and you will earn automatically then you are tottally wrong there is an ultimate competition for earning and traffic so today I have some tips for newbies that how you can drive organic traffic tou your website and earn more. Because according to latest policies of Ad networks if your traffic/views are from search engines you will earn more and rank better. So here are some detailed tips to boost traffic and earning or your website.

01:- Niche Selection
First of all before starting a website or blog be clever while selecting your niche use Google's keyword planner to see if you niche has enough monthly searches see example below.

These two arrows are showing that your keyword must have 1000 monthly searches and its competition should be low. Select each and every keyword by finding this in Keyword planner.

02:- Provide what people want
Be interesting always provide the material that people want to read or watch so if you provide useless 1000 articles they are useless but if you have 30 useful posts they will get enough traffic.

03:- Optimize your website
You must make your website user or visitor friendly where they van find all the posts and mterial easily use tabs and gadgets I also recommend you to use a responsive template that is mobile friendly search google there are Millions of paid and free responsive templates.
Below image shows how responsive template looks in all devices

04:- Do Some SEO
So after everything do some Search engine optimization SEO of your websites there are too many tutorials of SEO on YouTube watch and implement them.

05:- Earning Time
Now again use some high CPC keywords find them using keyword planner ad start earning.


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