Update From Glo cheaper and affordable review of data Plans,

Glo has done it again, always make sure that provide the best, the cheapest, affordable

subscribe to a data plan can still remember that Glo was the first network in Nigeria to sell their data, 1.5 GB # 1000 (1k) before others said the same network.

Nigeria glo was also the first network to offer 10Gb data for # 2500

And now they are doing data plans even cheaper and accessible to all ... My only problem with glo is that they have very poor in some network like where I live! I hope they start working on your network very soon.

Here is the GLO Just DATA PLANS date and price Thier

Dial * 127 * 53 # to subscribe to Glo 3.2 GB for N1000

Dial * 127 * 55 # to subscribe to Glo 7.5 GB for N2000

Dial * 127 * 58 # to subscribe to Glo for N2500 10GB

Dial * 127 * 54 # to subscribe to Glo for N3000 12GB

Dial * 127 * 59 # to subscribe to Glo 18 GB for N4000

You can also dial * 777 # on your glo line to view complete data plans ..


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