Now You Can Pin Applications To The Share Menu In Your Android 7.0; how you can benefit

Nougat Android 7.0 has an amazing feature that many of us do not even know. This same capability is presented in the 7.0 to pin nougat applications in the Action menu. In case you have a beautiful culture sharing many things and is limited to only a few choices, you can really get into it.

The procedure for using it is not difficult at all.
If you want to set a particular function, you can simply tap and hold the icon. After doing this, then you can press the "" button. I think it's pretty self explanatory by itself. Let me use an example. In this case, that I am using "Copy" all the time, now I have to fix it.

However, if you want to anchor a particular contact (including Facebook Messenger messaging application is capable of that), the application can also be covered as well. You could see in the example of the Messenger contact is fixed from the top menu to share (which is quite clear here).

Thus, the own Messenger application is now fixed. While this might not really everyone, I guess the best part would really prefer.

So now you are aware of this feature, you can start to enjoy!


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