Now you can get your Google calendar events in Google Maps 

Googles has many properties, cards and calendar are two of the most popular. Both products can be easily combined with each other in the case of business, so why not join them?

This is exactly what Google is doing, so that your appointment calendar to see available while using Maps. This is not only the engine, if it will work just as well if you take public transportation.

There's an important step that you must take to do this job. When configuring a calendar event, you must enter the location address in the "where". You must be signed in the calendar When you open maps and signs. This will make your events appear.

Google Maps Product Manager Zach Maier said, "Seeing your Google Calendar events Google Maps is the new way to save time and make the most of every day."

This feature is available at this time, but for now that is Android.


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