How You Can Subscription to Dataplans MTN / 4G LTE Visafone

Visafone Telecommunications seemed dead and buried ISP MTN stepped in and acquired the remains of what I call the missing provider network.

But now he seems to be back, but still owned by MTN. When he returned, it was announced that its 4G network was now active being the second telecommunications company offering LTE 4G services other then the NTEL network.

Today's post will talk about their dataplans in general, subscription codes, price and duration.

But before that, here are some things you need to know

To activate and use this dataplans 4G there are some requirements and are

You must have a Vodafone SIM card

You must have a 4G enabled smartphone

There must be a 4G signal coverage in your area.

You need a Vodafone SIM card that has been migrated to the MTN network because it will not work in the sims such as MTN MTN is always test the functioning of its 4G services.

Obviously, the device must be enabled 4G and finally ensure that the signal is 4G coverage where you stay to avoid subscribing to a data plan can not be used.

How to subscribe to a data plan MTN Visafone 4G

Make sure you have at least N500 in its line-Visafone MTN

Dial * 444 # to display all Visafone menu data. You can view the complete list of all plans and 4G data rates here

Now, in the Data menu choose 3

Then select the data plan of your choice and complete the process. your chosen plan will be activated.

How to resolve problems MTN DATA RENEWAL 4G Dataplan

Some people have complained that after your first subscription, when you try to subscribe again receive an error that says "Error activation error data plan."

Here is a solution for it; if you have an active data plan (even if it has exhausted the data allocation), you must select (off) first. To choose not to dial * 444 # and press 3, then select 8 and finally select off.

The trick is, once you turn off the current plan, even if they have exhausted the available data, you will be able to renew or subscribe again.


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