How to Get Your smartphone 4G LTE enabled MTN services

Week after week and month after month, 4G LTE continues to spread across the coast of Nigeria, although some still believe that we have only the shadow 4G network in Nigeria.

Well, MTN 4G LTE is now available for all to use and I'm sure you already know 4G data plans. Some users are already shaking and consider it as capable of sharing test your speed 4G LTE MTN as shown below;

If you are a regular subscriber MTN, you have to change your SIM card compatible 4G SIM card in MTN office near you before you can be part of the evolution MTN 4G.

How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with the 4G network MTN?

MTN 4G network running on the band 7 (2600MHz) and have made it easier for everyone to confirm if your SIM card and smart phone compatible with 4G services as follows;

Just send 131 4G

You should get a message if your device supports "Yello! The device is ready 4G, but you need to update the SIM card to enjoy 4G LTE MTN ..."

If supported, walk across the nearest MTN service center to exchange a 4G-compatible sim sim.

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