How To Get Back Your Hacked Gmail Account

Hi friends,

It is a great loss for you if your Gmail account hacked by anonymous or by a person and access to it is lost. Like all other accounts, such as

Blogger, AdSense, AdWords, Orkut, etc. They are linked to this unique email ids.

If you have lost your account, you can use the following recovery methods.

1.Do password reset

The best way to recover your account is reset their

password. You can reset the password by answering the secret

issue or sending a reset link to the alternate email.

2.If complete recovery

In most cases, resetting the password can not succeed, because the hacker will change the issue of security and

piracy secondary email address on their own. At this stage

you can use the second method of password recovery that filling the

recovery form. The account recovery form will ask you several

questions and you must complete the correct answers for questions.Some

questions are,

1. Email addresses of up to five email contact frequently

2. Name the four tags that you have created in their


3. List of services associated with their income statement

4. The last date of successful connection.

5. Account creation date

6. Last password you remember, etc.

Try to fill the form with the most accurate data, remember that it is the last

chance to recover your account back.


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