How To Embed YouTube Video On Blogger: Do it Like A Pro

How to Embed YouTube video on Blogger: do as a pro. incorporating YouTube videos on your blogger blog allows you to make a youtube video on your blog without wasting bandwidth and storage space in your hosting space. This will allow your visitors to view video directly from your website without buffering problems and Timeshift. in this post I will share with you on how to embed a YouTube video blogger in the post or blogger. You can embed any YouTube video blogger size, there is always an HTML composition choices. it is not hard to get this done as long as the video is available on YouTube streaming site. So how to embed a video on Blogger?. The insertion of video on youtube process according blogger.

if you have a YouTube video uploaded by you and want to integrate Blogger blog, you can follow the same process. you simply download and copy the YouTube embed code and add it to your blogger blog. You can also change the width and height of the iframe to fit into your blog so as not to overlap the width of your website. I'll show you how.

How to integrate video Youtube Blogger

==> Visit YouTube and find the video you want to integrate

==> Click on the video while playing, place the mouse on the video screen and right click on it

==> Option is displayed, just search the integrated call option Copy the code

==> Click Copy embed code, the code of your card, click copy.

==> Now go to your Blogger blog entry, select the HTML composition, and scroll to where you want the YouTube video in your post blogger

The code is as follows

<Iframe width = "854" height = src "480" = "" frameborder = "0" allowfullscreen> </ iframe>

==> Note the width and height, you will need to change it to your preferred height and width for video corresponds to your blog. So not grouped or overlapping content in place depending on the width of your blog.

from the code, you will notice that the width is "854", while the height is "480"

If I have to insert the code width and height by default, which straddle the content on my blog, so I do not want. I will have to reduce the width and height as follows,

Width "500", while the height "350".

in this way, it will be smaller than the default screen size to fit properly on the content of my blog. just try to see how it looks on your blog.


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