How To Create A Contact Form For Your Blogger blog Or WordPress Site

If you are a blog or website and wondered how to create and implement a contact form on your blog page, contact us for your blog readers to communicate with ease rather than using the comments?

This is a simple way to create a contact form in a minute.

The name of the supplier contact us form is the Foxy form. Your contact form is easy to integrate in blogs Blogger and WordPress, no registration, no limits to the creation of forms, the ability to choose which fields to include in the form and the ability to add email received e-mail messages will be sent to, I suggest you use active email.

Steps to create the contact form

check the values ​​you want in the form of pre-configuration section,

customize how you mix with your blog template.

Enter the email address where you want to receive messages sent via the contact form FoxyForm.

Finally, click Create to generate Formulate the form code, copy and paste the code into a page on your Blogger or WordPress blog button.


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