Facebook Launches So That You Can Buy And Sell Items With Users Closely; Works

Mark how Zuckerberg wants all of us. Facebook quickly invades all aspects of our lives that our dependence on Facebook need more than water anointing TB Joshua to get rid of. However, I admire Mark Zuckerberg and his expansionist ideas even expect to see an ad on Facebook of a young girl whose dowry is N45.00 Ibo!

Now Facebook is roughly submerges in e-commerce with the official launch of the market. According to Facebook, it will be a nice place for users to make the exchange involving the buying and selling of goods in themselves located in the community. Facebook calls this market. Facebook says this is nothing new, but only renaming behavior that have firmly placed on Facebook.

Judging by what the head of Pan Project Bowen said that a consecutive number to 450 million people already use Facebook services in buying and selling goods used on a monthly basis. This is done mainly through their groups count. Thus, the presence on the market, Facebook opens doors to users as a more formal way to indulge in buying and selling.

Market replace Messenger Facebook application

When it comes to our Pet of naija market, the icon can take on the market earlier Messenger icon in the mobile application Facebook in the middle of the bottom row. So when you get to touch. You will be automatically redirected to a welcome page items generated by algorithms that Facebook might suggest that may have interest in. These suggestions can be drawn from the pages you've liked more time he has seen, bought or sold on the market. So now you can email anyone who intends to sell the item, and the presentation of an offer according to your choice.

Not much is going to do from here. You would be able to browse through categories of articles and comments, even from a collection of things for sale nearby. You can also search for something and expand the size of the location of the consultation in order to accommodate a greater measure of distance. If you also want, you'll be able to change its location to locate the items listed in other regions or even other cities. Facebook intends to make the single market an attractive first mobile initiative.

Have fun !!


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