Differences Between AdSense Account Hosted And Non-Hosted

There are no big differences between hosted Hosted AdSense account and not, except you can not use the custom domain hosted with while the other does not allow use with (TLD) TLD

What Hosted AdSense account?

Hosted an Adsense account is a form of Google Adsense account in which publishers are permitted to use Google hosted products, for example, (Youtube) only.

If you have a blog with custom domain, such as .com, .org, .gov .tv etc .NG or other non-sponsored giant Google applications that are not allowed to publish ads through the Adsense program .

Advantages of Hosted account Adsense 2017

It's easy to get approval

It can be used on youtube

You can convert it into account not stay late

Disadvantages Hosted Adsense account

Can not be used with self hosted blogs

It can easily be completed

How do I distinguish between the host and does not accept Adsense account?

You can easily distinguish or differentiate an account hosted a non-hosted adsense account simply because "Hosted account" is written boldly in red in the upper right corner of each dashboard editor each time hosted AdSense

What is a Hosted Adsense account not? An adsense account is not hosted an AdSense account that can be used in all of your website.

We have two legal ways that you can use for an account not stay.

It is applied directly as a fresh editor or update your hosted on an account that I did not stay.

Advantages of non-hosted adsense account

It can be used on a web site

An established control panel

Disadvantages of Non-hosted Adsense account

It is difficult to get approval


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