A Way To Make Blogger Template Mobile View Friendly

in this tutorial i will inform you a way to Make your Blogger Template cell View friendly. might also Blogger has beyond thru this mission which made a few humans move around to find approach to this trouble, Many did no longer get solutions, a few left there customized template and commenced the use of cellular default template. 

I asked my buddy, why he desired to make his weblog template to cell friendly? He spoke back that folks that makes use of cell telephones to search for data are plenty and additionally because of loose data or a few only has cellular telephones, mobile surfing is inexpensive that blowing with broadband or wi-fi.

earlier than this gets finished you most observe this steps if you want to pick the "custom" cell template.

if you want to set off 'custom' cell template you maximum observe these recommendations 

1) Login to the blogger account( the one you need to prompt custom)


2) to your Blogger Dashboard click at the Template

3)you'll see two views will displayed, (stay blog and cell)

4) On the bottom of cellular (click on at the equipment which is known as the settings)

five) you'll see a drop down menu and search for custom) 

6) save

experience yourself...

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