Wow! wonder: WhatsApp May be Addition of Drawing and Picture Stickers

Our journey through social media here naija Israel has been a long journey. Far from the days 2go and Go loans. WhatsApp has so far been a phenomenon, and although we can not say WhatsApp is the promised land, which really impressed.

With more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries,

WhatsApp Messenger has helped to maintain contact with the family, regardless of location and time and friends. The wonder is not only a reliable messaging WhatsApp is a free offer.

WhatsApp Messenger is not done with you! WhatsApp seems plans to take the road of the image as well as stickers.

The way it works is after you take a picture with the camera WhatsApp now has the ability not only to crop the image as said, this time will be able to add a label to it, even the type text and even annotate, including drawing on top thereof.

By now, everyone in the average social circle is about stickers. And it's a big deal to WhatsApp to roll here. WhatsApp was impressive here with stickers and text that may be able to move, resize and rotate, as well as a full RGB color spectrum for drawings and text.

This is a welcome step WhatsApp here!

Wonder Woman: WhatsApp may be the addition of drawing and picture stickers


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