Wonderful! See how to get 4 GB of N1000 and get free credit Airtel 5000; No double data fees!

Get data from 4GB to get free credit and N1000 in 5000 Airtel; No double data fees!
Airtel subscribers can now enjoy an impressive Internet data value 4GB 5k in just a cheap sum of N1000.
This new tweak emption is performed on a new Airtel Sims you are by default in the receiving plane Airtel.
However, if you use an older Airtel sim, you can still enjoy impressive 3GB for the same sum of N1000.
To do this work tweak that should be informed on how to change your IMEI smartphones.

See how to change the IMEI here
However, unlike when you use Glo bis plan using IMEI change, these data airtel adjust you have to change the IMEI specifically for a BlackBerry device 10 (Z10, Q10, Q5, etc).

To easily generate the IMEI

Note: There are different generators address both

enough talks, let's get into the technical details.

REQUIREMENTS Airtel PLAN 1K / 4GB BIS on smartphones
- A new Airtel sim (old Sims only get 3GB 1K)
- A device 10 IMEI blackberry (important)
- Knowledge of how to change the IMEI number
- The smartphone (of course)

STEPS Airtel ACTIVATION 4GB free credit 1K to 5K.

- Buy a new Airtel SIM card
- Save the sim
- You are automatically in the plan Welcome to Airtel
- Charge the N1000 Airtel SIM card using the USSD code * 555 * Pin Map #
- There will be credited with 1 GB of internet data time bonus worth using Airtel Airtel for calls
- Dial * 556 # USSD code to check the data and bonus balance
- Now, dial USSD code * 431 # to subscribe to Airtel 3GB plan 1k
- You receive an error message
- Ignore this message, the N1000 is clear and it will be credited with 3 GB Internet data
- Dial * 140 # to check your balance data
- Now you have a total of 4 GB 5k data value for only 1k
- If you use an old sim Airtel
- Just change your IMEI with a BlackBerry device 10
- Subscription 3GB For 1k with the USSD code * 431 #

The amazing part of this plan is that no double charges usually made other plans Airtel data.
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