Windows 10 Anniversary Of The Windows Update for HP Elite x3 Pushed Forward For A Few Weeks

The last to get into the Windows Device line 10 is the flagship Elite X3 sold by HP and although you can get it in the United States and some European countries and that did not work out of the box with the upgrade revered many Windows 10 anniversary.

To account, Microsoft Management and HP announced that smartphone users are beginning to obtain this update from the mid-week of September, but now, after a series of delays that has been associated smartphone and seems like it would also join the list.

In the FAQ page of HP, who made a silent update as to the time period when this expensive piece of equipment would be to see the update and what was loaded, they continue to work with Microsoft engineers and should start rolling in a few weeks, a line of indefinite duration.

You have to wait some time if he had expected this, then, but hopefully not too long.


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