Ways To Rename Your Android Apps and change your icons

Renaming a file and change its icon is a breeze in other Windows operating systems for personal computers. However, have you ever thought about changing the name and change the icon of applications installed on your Android? It can be fun, right?

Well, I thought one day and then started researching how it can be done. As of now, there seems to be an application on Play Store, you can rename an installed application, even for a rooted device. But then I found a tool called Windows APK Editor on XDA Forum.

The use of time Editor APK can easily change the name of an Android app and change your default, even for a phone that is not rooted android icon. So let's see how.

Change the name and icon for the Android application Change

Step 1: First, we will need the APK application package you want to change the name and change the icon. If you do not have the APK with you, but the application is installed on your phone, you can easily compile your APK using the Astro file manager.

Step 2: Download and extract APK Edition v0.4 a folder on your computer. As APK v0.4 edition requires Java to work, please install it if it.

Step 3: Now that you have both - APK APK and editor - start with the question. APK launch EDIT.EXE removed in the previous step and load the APK file you want to edit.

Step 4: The tool will now read the file and display the application icon and the name of the General tab. You can edit text directly Name field and click the image icon in the search for a new icon. to Please the icon file is in PNG format and in the perfect square

Step 5: Once you have finished editing, click the Apply button to save the changes.

Although the application gives you the possibility to drive the applications to the device using a data cable, it suggests that you can transfer the APK changed on the internal hard drive via Wi-Fi or data cable and then install it on the device.

Even the file to see the changes in the file name and the icon of the application is installed. After installing the application, you will see the application icon and the name defined by the user.


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