TYLT Energi Pro Power is a battery pack, protection against fraud and cable routing pockets

TYLT Energi Pro is a backpack to the nerds and offers 12 compartments option to place cables. The bag can charge all devices, including a laptop and is respectful of TSA.

It is natural for most of us carry a lot of equipment with us everywhere we go and this is the problem of keeping all your devices. As we have seen, smart phones, invariably tend to be discharged by the end of the day, through the power of the material and the strong increase in consumption. Now, with the increasing number of devices, also made it difficult to carry, without advancing messed things. Tylt is a company that has tried to resolve this with its latest product, the Pro Backpack Power Energi pain.

Powerback the concept is not exactly new to us, especially since HP unveiled the laptop bag to double as a charger. However, Tylt Energi Pro Backpack Power seems to be designed differently and do not offer a couple of new features, such as the placement of cables. A quick glance at the bag does not reveal much about their innate skills as more or less like a normal backpack. charging cable itself wound in the wall of the bag and can be connected to a standard electrical outlet.

TYLT bag ensures that you do not run places to store their equipment and accordingly, we have a backpack with 11 compartments and quick battery recharge of 20,100 mAh. charging cable comes with two ports and type with C-USB and USB cable for cable routing can be accessed from one compartment to another. The bag is capable of charging most of our devices like phones and laptops. In addition, the bag also comes with the water resistance properties and protection against fraud of RFID devices to ensure that the data and both are safe. The Powerbank in the bag is capable of charging up to 10 times smartphones, tablets up to 2.5 times and a laptop up to 1.5 times, which is pretty good. To sum up, the bag also comes mixed with 3.0 QuickCharge Qualcomm (support up to 4.8A), which is great considering most new smartphones support QuickCharge.

The PRO Energi power pack also comes with a handful of style car that will allow users to carry easily. The bag is designed to stay cool, courtesy of the ventilation of the battery and padded sweat resistant. TYLT TSA bag is nice, but has not yet been certified by the TSA, which could play an important role to influence buyers decision paper. If this bag is something that interests the promises start at $ 129 on Indiegogo.


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