Tutorial: On how you can call someone using His/Her own telephone number of the person

Some wonder if you can call someone with your number, but yes, it is true, because today will introduce something that can allow you to do this, but it may not be possible if it does there was not this new application, I discovered that you can call the case of false calls, identifying changer complete application calls you have everything you want more details.

And also this application allows you to make calls through the number of false as the USA, the UK number can even change the number each time you call, it is preferable that there is no need the root of your number when using this application and all for free.

How to call someone using your own number to call trick anyone with a number or caller misapplication trick

This is as easy as you think, all you have to do is download and install an application Playstore VoxOx, but may face this problem when looking to download application Playstore to view this application currently unavailable in your country so that's why I provided herein pursuant apk VoxOx through which you can easily install this application

Steps to call someone using your own number

1. Open the VoxOx application, go option.

2. Click the user, select Caller ID.

3. Enter your number of friends there, and save it.

4. Now goto calling section.

5. Enter your number of friends you want to call.

6. Then, Press calling button that’s it. 

Now start talking to your friends using your own number

You can also download the app  here to download voxox app apk

I Hope you like this trick to call someone using her own number or call any number with any number.


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