Techno Event In September 2016: Tecno Phantom Phantom 6 and 6 Plus Will Show The Event In Less Than Two Days

Techno event in September 2016: Tecno Phantom Phantom 6 and 6 Plus will show the event in less than two days.

Around this time last year, he announced Tecno Tecno Mobile Phantom 5, which remains to this day the most powerful smartphone. But they are about to make a new history in less than two days when they officially announced the Tecno Phantom 6 and the Asian multinational spectacle cases Phantom 6. sign their new flagships everyone 25 September 2016 the slot for the launch of new Phantoms is the Armani Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here's what to expect in September 2016 Tecno events.

Tecno Mobile as a brand has already made a name in Africa, particularly in West Africa, including Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. Now go international with the launch of the new Tecno Phantom Phantom 6 and 6 more outside the continent.

There are rumors that the reason Tecno September 2016 Event was held outside Africa is a movement to start targeting more the world starting with the Middle East (Arab countries mainly) and the Western Region , including the United States. UU. and the United Kingdom. There was some confusion last week as they try to determine if they were Tecno event in September 2016, London or Dubai.

Judging from the tweets of love through his representative handle @tecnomobileng partner days ago, the countdown and tease video on Facebook, you can say they are eager to wait two days before officially disclosed # BeautyandTheBeast as they christened the new Phantom Phantom 6 and 6 more.

Personally, I think Tecno Mobile is very smart and serious about targeting the Western world with the Phantom and its variant 6 Plus comes with amazing features such as augmented reality iris of a fingerprint scanner, cameras and powerful processors.

But I also think it should make your game on your laptop (T Band), who, unlike his counterpart Infinix X band can work with Tecno phones, which must be running OS Android Lollipop. They should also have to Tecno Phantom 6 and the water resistance (IP68 certified) as seen in the new Samsung and Apple stars, HIOS should have been released and made available to other Android phones, the next phone line should be able to receive OTA updates.

We will wait 25 and see what happens in the case Tecno September. You can check the full specifications of Tecno Phantom Plus 6 and through the link above, but the main differences between the two measures is the screen size, RAM and security set up.


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