Sony Xperia pre XZ works in just 45 minutes in Taiwan

This year should be one that Sony management would forget in an instant and that is due to measures that were able to get on their mobile division. On the one hand, they changed dramatically since the line-up Xperia Z, who did well to Xperia X line-up that not only surprised and failed to attract many fans and new users but with a new price increase, become again an attractive place project.

Asides from that, the decision to leave the fingerprint scanners US variants will not sit well with many customers at all.

Leave asides, the OEM has reason to smile now as they were a success in Taiwan and so have a good passing from the fourth quarter. In the region, its reorganization program units Xperia XZ started and finished in 45 minutes, indicating a strong interest in one of the devices from this manufacturer again.

What they have interested customers pre-order the device was sufficient incentive, but with the addition of a C-type connector 16GB USB, two cases and a loading dock as well. At this rate, Sony intends to take his place again.


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