Silver Edition BlackBerry Passport With Android OS May Be For Sale

We know it has been a while and has evolved after then, but if you can remember, before the Blackberry Priv became official, there were comments from a Blackberry Silver Edition passport does not work in the city ​​of BB OS but instead on the Android platform and a long video, it was used to demonstrate that it also works perfect as your Android device every day.

However, this smartphone has never seen a field and at that time, if you have one and have luck on their side, could also be yours.

Someone claimed to have achieved one of the units of an employee of BB and instead put it on eBay, saying they are more interested in Apple devices than they are on BlackBerry smartphones . As only one player in the sea of ​​people who wish, we now know the luck factor comes in, so as not to throw this four-leaf clover yet.

As for those who are interested, it is priced at 250 CAD and be told we have no information on how the Android operating system is running.


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