Seminar: Simplest Way On How To Earn N5000 Online Daily, Directly To Your Bank Account

Blog technology Gizng is with this new seminar to all his fans and the brains and motivated who want to join me, making  my dope cash online. 

I might say is like a movie at the begining but suddenly I have to stick to my faith that this is really working. Because as am writing this tutorial for the past a one week I have Earn my self N8000 Cash, directly to my bank account Without any stress of mind. 

Many will be so Eager and desperate to know the source of my wealth, I will give you all you need to know about this new method of earning, we know our blog have helped many even though we not always updated due to system failure and problem when trying to update a times. 

But let that be a by gone let focus on what we are here for! Many people will be like what and what do I require to set up this business to help my self. All you need to know will be dropped here and how to register nd commence. 

Frequently Asked Questions About This Money Making Method 

What and What are Required of me to Get started? 

I will tell you all you need to get ready, before you get started. 
• A well Internet Connect Mobile Phone or Pc. 
• A Bank Account to receive Payment 
• A N1000 (Naira) Capital To Invest. 

How Many percent Bonus Are Mine To Earn My self
I will call this money making machine because you will be earning your self 50% Bonus of any Person you introduced into this business. That's to say You will be given N500 on any person or member Referred by You. Also to shock You. You will be given free N500 at first Registration. 

What Is The Name of this Business? 
This is an Online Networking, called Coolnaira. This site is been set aside for purpose to help nigeria youths and to boost your bank account. Have you ever imagined your self earning online even with or without a website? You can keep dulling yourself but some sharp guys here will never dull theme self.

What Are You Prof That This Networking Business is Legit? 

Below are the screen shot of my First and second cash Received directly to My Bank Account. 

I believe with this above prove You can now see how real it is so let proceed. 

How Can I Get Started With Coolnaira Networking 

You don't really need much stress when it comes to this all You Need to Do is just To. 

• Visit The Site and Click on Register and Proceed with Signing up. But if You are Asked to put a Sponsor or a Username before you proceed just Insert "gizng" 

• After Registering Click on "Upgrade Account" in Your Dash Board. 

• Follow the instruction on How to upgrade Account and Note before you will be upgrade you are to pay the Sum of N1000 To the Account which will be given to You from the Coolnaira upgrade Account page. Read More About Upgrading Your Account To start Earning. 

• At this point You are at the door step to start Earning Your Cool cash by just Referring People, After your Payment has been made and Activated. 

Below is My Payment I made Via Bank Payment 

And Here is also How to make Your Payment 

 Account Name: Paul Samson 
Instructions: Use your username (for login not full name) in the space of depositor's name. After payment send a text message to 09055334131 including your member username and teller number for effective verification and feedback.

For every other Payment method like Mobile Money, UMOBILE Transfer, please use webmaster Bank UBA and Account number  2061041888. Kindly send your payment details including you payment option, name and your member username to 09055334131. For effective verification and feedback. 

• If You having Problem in Upgrading Your account Or any Issue You can Call me for Help or whatsapp me on 234813944226 

• You want to Know More about CoolNaira? Read More 

NOTE: If after Registering and Making Your Payment and referring a Friend and You didn't Get Paid Message me I Swear I will give you Double of your Capital that's N2000 but if you Earn just Share Testimony and Earn Your self more. 

In my Next Tutorial I will be Showing You Easiest way to Fund out Your Coolnaira Money to your Bank account, Don't Panic we are here for you. 

Happy Earning!!!


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