Samsung Said It Is Working On thye Pro Versions of the Galaxy C5 And C7 Galaxy

After Samsung was seen with the design and implementation of both the C5 and C7 smartphones Galaxy Galaxy, there are new reports considering filing in the accumulation of both smartphones and create a Pro version for both phones mentioned above . Be published exclusively in China alone, he said that the Pro versions of the Galaxy Galaxy C5 and C7 would both carry the model number SM-C5010 and C7010-SM, respectively.

At this point, it is sad to end this note and state that we have no room for additional information on any of these two and not even the smallest bit of leakage in terms of design and specifications slipped through, even though we know in the report indicates that while they would be better than its predecessor in terms of hardware and software, as expected.

Probably should be added to those who have not been following for both October and November, we expect the release of a Galaxy C9 of the company as well.


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