Photomath 3.0 Reads and Solves Handwritten Math Problems

Photomath was one of the most preferred when it comes to solving mathematical equations tools. The application only improved with a recent update and can now detect handwritten mathematical equation through the camera and smarrtphone resolve.

Math is a subject that had challenged me the most during my school days. However, with the advent of learning technology, mathematics appears to be a less daunting task. For example, Photomath helped students to solve complex equations using their smartphone cameras.

Until now, people could simply point your camera the problem is in the printed and optical character recognition application program may take action and solve the equations. It is interesting to note that the image processing algorithm is the cornerstone of this application, and the algorithms associated with solving problems.

Photomath announced an updated version 3.0 for application in iOS Store apps and this update brings new features, including a much easier way to solve mathematical problems. The new version will be able to detect the handwritten text instead of the previous version can recognize printed text. This is something that most students usually involve equations or mathematical problems are mostly in manuscript and conversion of it in the press is a Herculean task. So now all you have to do is point the camera in all the mathematical equations and the app will do the magic.

Interestingly, the update also comes with a Photomath function that will use a man like problem solving approach. The Photomath solution also breaks at different stages and how to solve the problem with your color guide. Now imagine that this would help immensely students sign a complex mathematical problem, just ask the bright boy in his class to help with homework. Also, in my experience, this kind of approach to solving the problem is student interest and should intuition to help them learn better.

The Photomath is free until November 30, but after that, you will attract the premium subscription rates. The company is currently finalizing the pricing model and subscription Photomath and this is something that will happen later this year. All new features we talked about earlier is only available for iOS and Android will be introduced later this month.

educational applications have increased and applications such as PhotoMath with the learning experience to a whole new level. The influx of applications and tools in the mobile education is only climbing higher and it also means that schools can at last have access to first-class technology without having to spend a fortune for it.


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