Nexus 5X Gets Stuck in Bootloop, Freezes And Crashes After The Update 7.0 Nougat

After the launch of Android 7.0 nougats, we begin to hear how some developers began to move the software to other devices that are not even listed as one of the officers smartphones to receive the update and the same so we have a list that smartphones would get nougats and run over them.

Well, it seems that all these formal arrangements are not what is left to handle the power of the great many Nexus 7 as 5X users began to complain about random crashes on their smartphones after nougats update.

According to them, some of them have begun to address these issues immediately after passing the nougat while others had used the new software for a while before the fault began to happen. Reports indicate that, after a while, the phone began to crash and reboot itself and in the worst cases, simply stuck device in the start loop of menu and have stopped responding, probably damage the smartphone always.

For those who have not yet made that leap, it is desirable that remains until Google engineers release a formal statement and a solution is provided.


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