New Easiest Way To flash Custom ROM your Android device

Flash or install a custom ROM on Android is very simple and easy. So if you want to leave your stock ROM and use a custom ROM, which is fully equipped to follow this tutorial to make it possible. custom ROM, you can improve your Android battery life, better performance, upgrade to the latest versions of Android, customize and even change things like the color of the light of notification, the strength of its vibration, saturation screen colors and much more.

ROM is the ROM (read only memory) that comes with the phone and custom ROM is designed for use with many features. So, before you continue, please back up your data with Google Drive or ClockworkMod or any other backup application you know in order to regain their lost data once.

How flashing or install a new ROM on your Android phone

So after saving your data, please download a custom ROM on your phone means downloading a custom ROM that corresponds to your phone model. So once you've found the ROM you want to download is in ZIP format and not remove it. Then download gapps is Google Apps for your version of Android, because it means that if your Android 4.4.2 is that it uploads the package 4.4.2 Gapps so here, and then save the custom ROM gapps and she downloaded your SD card, the storage memory or flash drive.

For there to copy the success of your data, download a custom ROM, and save downloaded a gapps successfully. Then we will go through the boot into recovery mode and flash or install custom ROMs on your Android to Android to get a better look and new performance.

STEP 1: Start in recovery mode

There are several different ways to start in mobile recovery mode, so if you want to boot into recovery mode on your device Keep kindly Hold Volume Down Power for 5 seconds. Then enter the phone in recovery mode immediately and it will be like that later;

This is TWRP screenshot on the left! WOOT while the right is called Clockworkmod! Double woot!.


Then in TWRP the left screen is good enough to click on the image and right kindly install Click Install ZIP from SD card. As shown below;

Then find the ROM and select the saved and go to flash the ROM's .zip file. After applying the update on the TWRP and ClockworkMod. As shown below;

Just apply the update TWRP and ClockworkMod

After that, you can now flash the TWRP and ClockworkMod files. As shown below;

Then after pressing the file (ROM) in TWRP and ClockworkMod is now opaque and clear the cache in TWRP and ClockworkMod. As shown below;

Then after TWRP and ClockworkMod cleaned, which has successfully flashed a custom ROM on your Android device and then enjoy all the new features in it.

This is the best way to flash a custom ROM on your Android phone, but there are many different ways for each specific device. There is still a software that can be used to flash ROM computer, especially when it flashes again the action of ROM on your device.

For Nexus they have to use Nexus Root Toolkit , for Samsung they use ODIN and for Sony they use Flash tool .

She is helpful? Is there a problem is while flashing custom ROMs on your Android device asking to want more good questions and if it works for you to share your experience!


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