New Age Y29 15600mAh Power Bank + Free 8GB SanDisk @N 7000

New Era 15600mAh Mobile Power Bank is a mobile accessory that allows you to enjoy the prolonged use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets. power stores in its internal battery which is then transferred to the device when the battery is low.

Do you think you can get the Y29 15600mAh Power Bank New Age N7,000 flash drive 8GB SanDisk free knowledge.

Alphacom Interbiz This limited offer best deals on computer accessories, offering pocket friendly deals with massive cuts that are quite affordable for the average Nigerian.

It is versatile, so you can work with any make and model of phone and smart device. The mobile energy of the New Age is essential for anyone wanting to stay in touch at any time. It can be very annoying to be interrupted when an important call because the battery is low. To avoid this, use this effective banking power.

Mobile power 15600mAh capacity New Age bank can give a full load of their tablets and smartphones. When smart devices available, to spend a considerable amount of time surfing the web, play games or listen to music. To ensure that the fun never stops, a reliable bank that this power is necessary. It has a circuit security protection by offering superior protection for your devices. The high quality materials used to make the test of time. So you can talk longer on your phone and watch the videos you want once you 15600mAh Portable Power Bank New Age.

Shop online for N7,000 HERE to place your order and get your New Age Y29 15600mAh Power Bank flash drive SanDisk 8 GB delivered free in the comfort of your home.


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