KGI Analyst Said That Despite The Initial iPhone Demand 7 Will Not Outsell the iPhone 6s

In his latest note issued to investors KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that despite the strong demand for the iPhone and iPhone July 7 Then, the devices do not sell as well as the Apple iPhone 6s. He, however, do not expect Apple shipped 70-75 million units of the iPhone 7 above its initial estimate of 60-65 million.

The increase in estimates and increased demand for the iPhone 7 is due to the battery fiasco Galaxy Note 7 that forced many consumers to look for alternatives. The dual camera positive feedback system iPhone 7 Plus also favored Apple.

Kuo said that the shortage of iPhone and iPhone on July 7 More are not only due to overwhelming demand. Jet Black for the model, yields are only about 60-70 percent which makes it more difficult for Apple partners to produce sufficient quantities of them. Second, new iPhones were available in 28 countries on launch day - compared to only 12 last year, which led to agencies is dispersed in a larger market, creating a shortage.

An investigation by KGI shows that pre-orders for the iPhone and the iPhone on July 7 were more evenly divided this time probably because of the many people who for the most iPhone Galaxy Note 7. The new Jet Black color is also in great demand, with about 45-50 percent of Chinese customers who pre-ordered the new iPhone opting for it.

Actual demand surrounding the new iPhone will be clear around the end of October, when Apple is able to catch the initial application.


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