iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s Drop Test: discover what survives

IPhone and iPhone on July 7 More are certified IP67 water resistance, but the resistance drops are they? Several phone drop tests appeared on YouTube to prove its durability.

The good news is that the screen of the iPhone and the iPhone on July 7 More support may very well drop tests. Despite falling from different angles and heights up to 10 feet, the iPhone glass screen and iPhone July 7 Plus does not decompose. In comparison, the iPhone screen 6s broken after a few drops. Therefore, it seems that Apple continues to improve the sustainability of iPhones.

The bad news is that the glass of the rear camera of the new iPhone is likely to break easily compared to the iPhone 6s. Like its predecessors, the iPhone and the iPhone on July 7 Plus comes with a sapphire crystal protect the camera module, which is more fragile than glass. However, in the iPhone 6s, the glass of the device is protected by a metal casing missing iPhone 7. This probably leads to the glass room in the new iPhones break very easily. On the positive side, the device performance is no success, even with the glass of the camera off in any case.

While the chassis of the new iPhone scratched fall, their screens remain intact. Remove the above tests are not, however, mean that you should not use a case with your new iPhone, especially if you own iPhone Black Jet.

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