iPhone 7 crushes Galaxy Note 7 in the speed test

The Galaxy Note 7 may be the fastest Android can be purchased at this time, but it has trouble keeping up with the iPhone. I have been struck by the iPhone 6s, but the new Samsung phablet is indeed hampered by the iPhone in July.

The comparison made by PhoneBuff not just look at the benchmarks for these two devices; in fact it puts a burden through real-world applications of current evidence and games like camera, photos, asphalt, 8 and Angry Birds.

As we will see in the video below, the new Apple chip A10 Fusion facilitates the work of it, completing a "return" load 14 applications in just over 1 minute and 14 seconds. In comparison, take note 7 which is driven last 820 chips Qualcomm Snapdragon for 2 minutes.

By the time the second round is more, the Galaxy Note 7 is more than 1 minute iPhone in July.

This is another proof of the incredible series of processors to Apple, they have been more successful than rival chips for many years, although it has generally fewer cores. It is also worth noting that the iPhone 7 has only 2GB of RAM, while the Galaxy Note has 4GB 7.


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