Image Application for Excel: How to Convert Images InTo Excel Documents on Android.

Image Application for Excel: How to convert images into Excel documents on Android.
Currently, phone cameras have exceeded their original function and purpose of taking pictures. Now that support for reading QR codes, look at the stars, but are also able to turn your smartphone into a webcam or scanner. Therefore, it is time to explore another of the many options that the camera has to offer. So today we present you the image to excel and show you how to turn your mobile phone into a portable scanner and easy to manipulate tables and issues lists.

Image to Excel application runs smoothly and successfully photos of your paper documents into editable spreadsheets MS Excel. It will spare your time to rewrite the manual every time you need your documents. Excel images can be viewed as a scanner, but it's about the enhanced version because the scanners are not editable documents. Let's see what this useful app has to offer:

excellent conversion quality.
complex tables and screen captures are convertible.
Convert all files you want, regardless of size.
Simply translated documents are shared and accessible from other applications.
The document will become the .xlsx and immediately ready for further editing format.
Furthermore, since conversions are performed on servers, this application does not drain the battery. Apart from these useful features, the Excel picture has a beautiful and clear design that makes it very convenient for handling. Just follow these steps and get your image quickly and smoothly converted.

 Take a picture of your document.
 Crop your photo.
 Wait for the conversion to complete.
 Excel edit your document.

And I did it! Easy as ABC! Now that you have seen other uses of the camera - not only for scouting reports, analysis, inventory and other important documents of documents, but also to edit and therefore work faster and be more productive . It was one of the many other ways you can use your camera. Keep exploring!


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