How You Can Send Secret Messages On Facebook Very Easy  

There are many different email applications available, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the latest offering from Google, Allo. probably used depends on what applications prefer their friends, but privacy could also be a factor. Hello Google, for example, is a bit of a nightmare for privacy, unless you use the incognito mode.

You probably do not want Facebook snooping in their private conversations, so that may have remained outside the messenger before, but the good news is the social network now allows you to send private messages to friends who can not be played on the device the person you're communicating - not Facebook itself.

Facebook began secret talks to be tested on a limited basis, three months ago, but is now available for most users.

It allows you to create encrypted end to end one-on-one secret talks although the Messenger application for Android and iOS (not by Facebook on the web), and you can now send texts, photos and stickers.

It is very easy to send a secret message, just follow these steps:

 Open Messenger and click the New button message.

 Then secretly tap the top right.

 Select that send the message, and compose.

 You will see a stopwatch button to the right, press it and you can set a timer to control the duration of each message sent remains visible. The time can be from 5 seconds to one day.

 When finished, click the Send button.


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