How to unlock the iPhone for use with Another Company

How to unlock the iPhone for use with another company
You can unlock the iPhone for use by businesses. Unlocking means you can use your phone with another provider. An unlocked phone sometimes called a phone without SIM card or without contract.
unlock iPhone
First, your company needs to process your unlock request. Then you can make backups, delete and restore the iPhone to unlock.

Start the process:

1. See if your company offers liberation. Only your operator can unlock the iPhone.

2. Contact your operator and request unblocking. You may need to meet eligibility criteria for unlocking. After sending the request to its carrier, which may take several days to complete. Contact your carrier to get the status of your press request.

3. After your company confirmed that the iPhone's release has been processed, go to the next section.
If you have a SIM card from a provider other than your current provider, follow these 

1. Remove the SIM and insert the new SIM card.

2. Complete the installation process.

If you have no other SIM card, you can use, follow these steps to complete the process:

2. When you have a backup, erase your iPhone.
3. Restore the iPhone backup you just made.

Get help

Follow these steps if you have problems or if you see this message in iTunes or on your device:

"SIM card in the iPhone to support not appear. SIM cards compatible only from a vehicle can be useful to activate the iPhone. Please insert the SIM card included with iPhone or visit a support consistent store. "

1. Restore the iPhone to factory settings.
2. Contact your supplier to ensure that the release applied to the user's system.

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