How to take screenshots on the iPhone or On Your iPhone 7 Plus

Now that the start button on the iPhone and the iPhone 7 Plus has been replaced by a pressure sensitive button again motorized Taptic, you may wonder how you can take a screenshot on your new iPhone.

The new Start button is capacitive which provides the sense and feel of a real start button with integrated motor Taptic. But it also means that the method used to enter DFU mode, or perform a hard reset will be different.

But what about taking a screenshot? The method is actually similar to how it would take a screenshot of the old iPhone models.

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone or the iPhone 7 Plus

Step 1: Press the power / standby button or on your iPhone or iPhone 7 Plus.

Step 2: At the same time, press the Start button.

Step 3: The iPhone display flashes once and the shutter sound is played (if the iPhone is not silent) to recognize that it was taken and stored on the device a screenshot .

If you press the Sleep / Wake and Home Affairs buttons simultaneously, then your iPhone accidentally invoke other actions such as Siri or lock the device. So make sure you press simultaneously.

How to Take a Screenshot with Assistive Touch
If you do not want to go through the hassle of pressure Sleep / Wake button and the house together, then you can use the touch assistance to reach a screenshot of one hand.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to touch the support. Open the Settings app and go to General -> Accessibility -> Touch Support.

Step 2: Put touch switch support.

Step 3: On the same screen, find an option "Custom menu level." Click it to open.

Step 4: Click the Customize button indicated by a star icon and select Screenshot of the list.

Step 5: With the display added to your touch using option menu, you can take a screen shot of a hand at any time by clicking the follow button on the help screen to the touch key .

How to display and share a saved screenshot

Step 1: Open the Photos application.

Step 2: Go to the Albums tab and open the album Screenshots.

Step 3: Scroll to the end of the album and you should find the saved screenshots. Click it to open.

Step 4: Click the action icon in the lower left corner, indicated by an arrow icon to share the screen with third party applications.

That's all you need to do to take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPhone on July 7 Plus. As you can see, the method is similar to previous models.

DFU mode reason and reset methods are different is because if a failure of your iPhone or freezes, then the new start button do not detect all machines, so Apple replaced its actions. But take a screen capture requires that the device works and this means that the start button is operational and can be used to take a screenshot.

You can read the following articles to help you enter DFU mode or perform Hard Reset on the iPhone or the iPhone 7 Plus:


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