How to Prevent The iMessage Application From Getting Automatically Added to Application Drawer in Your iOS 10

Each application to create an extension for the application creates a iMessage. It may be cute for your game characters or the extension of the bad planning of the product which does not make much sense of stickers. The problem is that when all applications are automatically updated after the installation of IOS 10 iMessage all these applications are added to your app drawer iMessage automatically. And it can be inconvenient at best and could slow down the implementation of the messages in the worst case.

So what can you do? You can turn off the switch iMessage all applications for any downloaded application is installed or updated automatically.

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How to disable the Auto facilities application iMessage

Now we turn the automatic installation problems.

Step 1: Open the iMessage conversation, and press the "Applications" icon next to the text box "iMessage". (If you have the keyboard open, you must click the "right arrow" button first).

Step 2: On the same page where a grid of the entire application is installed, you will see the "store" icon. It is the first point of the first page. Click on this link.

Step 2: iMessage App Store opened. Currently, it is in the "Featured" tab. From the top, click the "Manage" tab.

Step 3: From up there, click the check box for "Automatically add Applications" to disable it.

From this screen, you see a list of all available applications iMessage. You can enable / disable depending on your needs.

Now, when you download an application, iMessage application will not be installed automatically.

Things are more difficult there? Yes.
The next time you really want to install an application and use iMessage will go first in the "Manage", find the entry section "All" and activate it.

Does it matter? Yes. More boring than 5 new applications iMessage see every morning after his iPhone ran the application updates the previous night? Of course not.


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