How To Listen to You Music While Still Charging Your iPhone 7  

The iPhone and the iPhone 7 Plus are the best and the iPhone from Apple, and we pay for all that innovation with the headphone jack is missing. Although the absence of their presence does not disturb all iPhone owners 7, which will definitely be a nuisance for all the music lovers out there.

While Apple includes an adapter 3.5mm Lightning iPhone 7 there is still a major problem. You can not charge your iPhone while listening to music through it. This may not seem like a big deal, but many people do it accidentally during your daily routine without realizing it. I, for once, I did not know that I charge my phone while listening to music almost every day until the last week.

Fortunately, if you are willing to pay a price, you can charge your new iPhone in Plus while listening to music at the same time. As? Well, you have two options, but they are not as convenient.

Apple Lightning Dock

Apple sells a $ 39 dock for iPhone 7 has a connector rays and audio 3.5mm jack so you can listen to music while charging the phone. Be a pier, you can not carry, obviously everywhere, but if you regularly connect your iPhone to charge and listen to music while at home, the Dock Apple lightning will do the job.

Prices for Spring starts at $ 39 for the basic white, with other colors being a price of $ 49.

Lightning Belkin RockStar Audio load

If you are looking for something more portable, you can buy the Belkin RockStar load Lightning Audio . Belkin says that he worked "closely" with Apple to develop this accessory. The trick here is that the accessory is connected to the iPhone's brightness port to provide two additional ports lightning itself. This means that if you can easily connect a cable to charge your iPhone, you need to connect another flash 3.5mm adapter before you can actually connect your existing pair of headphones or headsets. This causes all unnecessarily complex and not as portable settings. If the end use of EarPods lightning then you obviously do not need to bother with the Lightning adapter 3.5mm.

In case you think Belkin accessory meets the requirement, you can purchase from 10 October to $ 39.95 a store and Apple online.

If you frequently connect your iPhone to a music system to listen to music, you can always buy a 3.5mm Bluetooth Logitech adapter. This will allow you to connect your iPhone to your wireless music system by freeing the port of lightning to charge the phone.

None of the above options are ideal, but they are sufficient to do the job. While using an adapter or the base can be a little awkward at first, it is likely to get used to. And if not, you can always buy the $ 149 AirPods Apple or any other pair of wireless headphones so you can listen to music wirelessly while charging the phone.


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