How to copy music to your Android phone

Most phones now have the storage capacity that lend themselves to celebrating all your favorite songs. If your phone has a microSD card slot, even better! Generally, you can transfer your music directly on the map.

How to copy your music on your Android phone with Windows or Mac!

How to copy music from your Mac to your Android phone with Android File Transfer

Once you have downloaded Android File Transfer, simply connect your phone to your Mac via USB.

Launch Android File Transfer from the Finder or the Dock.

Open a Finder window and open the folder in which the music is contained.

Click Phone or SD card, depending on where you want to transfer your music. If your phone does not have a microSD slot, so you have the option of SD card.

Drag and drop individual music files or entire folders in Android File Transfer.

That's all there is to it, but beware: If you try to transfer too many files at once, transfer files Android is probably just shit and leave halfway through. Keep your batch transfers of less than 1 GB.

How to transfer music from your computer to your wireless phone using Android AirDroid

If you prefer the wireless route (which is probably a good idea if your alternative is Android File Transfer), then AirDroid is where it is. It works for both Mac and PC, so just download and configure!

• AirDroid launched from the home screen or app drawer.

• Touch fixing price signal.

• Please enter your email address and password.

• Press Connect.

• Press if you want to see notifications of computer applications in real time. Otherwise, press later.

On the Mac, go to Alternativey you can download the desktop client.

Please enter your email address and password and click Login.

If prompted, click the device you want to transfer music and click OK. You should then receive a notification on your phone that is connected AirDroid.

Click the Music button in the bottom left AirDroid options. A window will appear.

Click Upload.

• Click here to open a Finder window.

• Drag and drop music files or folders you want.

You can delete all the files you want; you can not choose whether music is stored on your phone or SD card. It will be automatically stored in your phone, even if the phone function, you'll be able to move your music on the SD card.

How to transfer music from your Windows PC to your Android phone

PC make life a little easier to recognize that the Android phone as a USB device and provided that the phone is appropriate USB mode, copying music is as simple as plugging, drag, drop, done.

• Connect your phone to your PC via USB.

• On the phone, press the USB notification.

• Press the circle transfer protocol next to the file (MTP). File Browser starts automatically.

Launch another File Explorer window from your taskbar.

Find the music files you would like to copy to your phone.

Drag the music files to your phone and to either the internal storage or the SD card, if you have one and release them.


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