How To Be Using The Screen Again In The Lock IOS 10

If you just upgraded to iOS 10 and picked up his iPhone, that would have been so well received. IOS 10 is changing so much that we are accustomed. Locking the user interface screen is new, and so are many interactions. If you have an iPhone and 6s, the screen would have on when he took the phone, which is a new feature called Elevate Wake. And that's just the start of it.

If you are confused by what is happening here, well, not. It is new, but it makes sense. And it may take a few days to get used to (no doubt it did for me), but in the end, will again muscle memory.

To increase Wake

Raise Walking is a self-descriptive feature. If you have an iPhone 6s and above, it is always used in the motion co-processor for when you take your phone out of your pocket and when you chose the phone near the reception. And when this is done, the display automatically lights, so you can see the lock screen. The feature works very well, in my experience. But if you want to disable it, you can do it from the settings. See our guide here.

Notifications opening

Notifications in iOS 10 are in the form of cards with an opaque background. To open a notification, slide your finger on it.

How to respond to messages or interact with notifications

Best of IOS 10 is how notifications are interactive. 3D can Touch a notification on the lock screen and you will see the pop-up. Now, according to the notification, you can see 2-3 down options. If it's an email, an option for archiving.

If this is the message notification, you'll see a preview of the conversation and the ability to respond to the message. This means that you can carry on a conversation without having to unlock the device. This is a recurring theme in IOS 10.

How to do this in a pre iPhone 6s device

If you use an iPhone or iPad 5s 3d touch does not work for you. For a similar pop-up notification should sweep to the left on the notification and press "View".

Accessing widgets on the lock screen

Widgets are available on the lock screen. Just drag right on the lock screen to get to the sight today. You will see the Apple default widgets here. Things like weather widgets and notes are very useful.

But it is better to get third-party widgets for your most used applications.

To see if your installed applications or widgets support widgets of the open screen, slide down and click on "Edit." You will see a list of all the widgets available here. Click " " to add the widget to your list.
10 new iOS widgets for applications like WhatsApp are very useful.

Camera access to the lock screen

Swipe left anywhere on the lock screen that are not occupied by notifications and when entering the room. What I think is a much better and faster interaction iOS 9. Again, it will take some getting used to, but we'll get there.

How to unlock iPhone or iPad

Slide to unlock is gone. Instead, you will now see "Press Start to Unlock" or "Press Start to open."

Unlock the Touch ID device and having to open the phone are two different interactions now.

This is largely due to interactively is the lock screen. When you go to the widgets section, you can find a widget as a necessary activity to unlock the device to display data. In this case, you can simply place your search to the Start button, unlock the device and display the data.

When this is done, it will say "unlocked" in the status bar. And the text at the bottom of the lock screen will be replaced by "Press Start to open."

But to get inside the iPhone, you must press the start button, there's no turning back.

Returning to his old tricks

Unless there is a setting that almost takes you back to the way iOS 9 used to be. You can not slide to unlock the keyboard mode and back, but you'll be able to unlock the iPhone simply by placing your finger on the touch sensor ID.

To do this, go to "Settings" open "accessibility", select "Start" and select the "rest of the finger to unlock" option.

How to access the Control Center New

Control Center has been redesigned in IOS 10. You now have three panels - on your iPhone orders, and now play at home. If you HomeKit accessories created, you can control your smart home appliances directly from the lock screen. To do this, simply drag your finger from the bottom of the screen and slide your finger left / right to switch between panels.

Accessing applications suggested for the lock screen

If you have multiple devices, or if you have formed a kind of routune, you will see applications in the lower left corner of the screen suggested. Simply drag the application icon to open the application.

This may be because you have Safari or open Memos on a Mac or iPad. Or just connect the headphones and the iOS app shows your favorite music player. Or if a new application after waking, which will also open here.

How to use Apple Pay

You want to use your Apple iPhone Pay card to pay something? Just double click on the start button and your cards will be displayed. Select a card and you're ready to go.

Be used to lock the screen

Personally, I'm in love with the new lock screen. I unlocked my phone much less.

I just got my phone to see the lock screen, to see the time and notifications. Not having to press the Sleep / Wake button which is great.

Then drag to see widgets. I can sign my weight by applying the workflow, start playing music, surfing the news using Nuzzel and see more data on the activity. I reply to messages directly from the lock screen.

And I put my finger on the start button to unlock the phone. It's great to not have to press a button to unlock the iPhone.

His experience of the lock screen

How do you think you are facing the new lock screen in iOS 10? We would like to know. Share with us in the comments below.


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