Google Pixel Not Coming Waterproof capacity Only With IP53 Rating

We received a lot of leaks in the next pixel smartphones for some time now and each new leak that we have, that is not much to expect from them at all. We looked at all the appearance of quality devices, but with each mission one day, they give us new features to make this level consider removing them gradually.

After preparing the minds at this level, you should already know that the new information would only raise eyebrows too positive and if recent leaks are anything to go by, the next pixel device will be waterproof capabilities.

An IP68 should be one of the insurance features that should come with 2016 and flagships that Google plans to launch a new generation smartphone which represent the face of nougats 7.0, it is very disappointing that take many things that could have happened to him a fan favorite in his place to.

For those who now want the score on the smartphone, is a lean and IP53 for what it is worth, it only means that can protect against dust to an extent that does not affect the intestine and stay safe from ' a minimum of water jets.


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