Google Is trying to Make emails appear to be better on your Android phone

There are important differences in the way you can see emails on your phone and your laptop. Although well said, Gmail on the phone and the computer can display the same messages but have some key differences.

An example of what we describe here the media are emails on a large screen device that is not the same as how it does on a smaller one. And now Google is pushing for changes to make the design of response to emails in Gmail.

What we really mean by designing email response? This means that the design will be optimized for or adapted to the device. In this way, the links and buttons are large enough to hit on your phone. Likewise content will now be spaced a better way. This goes beyond ensuring better emails on phones. Regarding the desktop, even going to notice some improvements in the format of emails for mobile now look better on a larger screen.

In particular, this refers mainly to emails with appropriate means CSS issues in its design. Google has a number of support documents for email designers to better understand the system. This change will come before this month completely disappear in a safe manner that could be out an update to the Gmail application.


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