Google Allo is Here, the AI Assistant Powered Messaging app

Hello Google is finally published to the public both Android and iOS. The new messaging application has deep integration with artificial intelligence and many other tricks up his sleeve.
oogle new chat application was about to release, and today the company released Google Allo. The highlight of Allo Google remains the fact that this is the first application to be infused with Google Assistant, a feature that Google announced at I / O is expected that the platform "Wizard" to provide a more natural way interact with contextual queries users. The application is being deployed iOS and Android, and also links to Google APK Allo at the end of the post.

Allo seems to be the latest attempt by Google in the Mail the completed application, a product needed because the conversation has failed to take off among consumers in general. The Allo chat application comes with all the bells and whistles, including stickers, sending media delivery indicators and a unique feature called "WhisperShout" that lets you drag your finger up and down to control the text size for better visibility.

Google revealed the reason of this application is to exist Google Assistant. For example, if you want to scream and use of capital letters is not enough, you can extend the message. For starters, the two parties must have installed the application and it will be a great challenge Google. With a large number of applications, including WhatsApp already used in millions, it is relatively difficult for Google to engage the Allo users of other applications. Suppose your contact does not have installed the application, a message will be received with the download link and if Android users will get a "preview application notice" that make a direct service to your Android device.

That said, hello provides a number of features including WhisperShout, ink, encryption end to end and incognito. The best part is that the application control the conversation and suggests the answer may be sent automatically with just a touch. Ink feature allows you to scribble on photos and share with friends instantly. Allo does not require separate registration and works like WhatsApp, all you need is a phone number. Google Allo is available on Google Play Store and App Store for download. If you are not yet available for download, and then download Google Allo APK on the link below.


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