Free Download New Opera 40 Browser With Free Unlimited VPN On Desktop Pc

Now you can download the latest version of Opera 40 browser with a VPN connection on the desktop (Mac and Windows) platforms such as Opera have finally launched the VPN in your Web browser for desktop users.

Opera 40 is one of the first browsers to turn VPN free as part of the package. VPN is very important in many ways, while using the Internet because it allows users to surf the Web anonymously by using the encrypted and sent to servers around the tunnels of the world. In other words, VPN allows you to hide your browsing activity and keep always protected. According Krystian Kolondra, please Opera browser for computers ...

If people knew how the Internet really works, I think they would all use a VPN.

In April, Opera includes a VPN in your web browser and deployed in iOS and Android platforms so developers, but today, the Norwegian company has finally released the VPN service for desktop PC users.


✔ It is free and unlimited

✔ Opera 40 support for Chromecast dongle Google RSS

✔ You are allowed to change their location. (You can choose from one of five locations - Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and the United States ..

✔ Protect your data espionage third

✔ It allows you to surf the Internet with their hidden identity

✔ Automatic Savings Account disconnected laptop battery.

Where can I download Opera 40 browser VPN?

How to enable the OPERA VPN for Mac, Linux and Windows PC

To turn on all Mac devices

✔ Click the Opera menu

✔ Choose "Preferences"

✔ Then activate and deactivate the VPN and you are good to go

To enable PC with Windows and Linux

✔ Go to the "Privacy and Security" section of "Settings"

✔ Then activate VPN from there.

Yeaaa. Any Questions? It's always welcomed.


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