Fixed Quick Access Does Not Work on Windows 10.

How to Fixed quick access does not work on Windows 10.
Quick access is a feature in Windows 10 that allows you to easily access folders and files you frequently visit, and recently, respectively. If you are among those quick access does not work on your PC or stops working after some time, here are two different methods you can use to set the shortcut does not work under Windows 10.

Fixed quick access does not work for Windows 10.
Windows 10 broken shortcut, an empty shortcut, Windows 10 shortcut does not work or stops working can be set using two methods:

By Disabling and enabling quick access.
When you delete shortcut files
Fix Windows 10 shortcuts do not work for blocking and quick access.
If your windows PC 10 quick stops working, the first thing to do is to disable and enable quick access again and see if the problem is resolved. Doing this is like reboot / restart Windows 10 shortcuts.

Open File Explorer and right click on the shortcut in the upper left of the window file explorer.
Click Options to access Folder Options.
You should land on the General tab. Otherwise, click General.
There are three options on the General tab, we are only interested in the privacy option (the last option in the General tab).
Uncheck both boxes in the privacy option on the General tab.
Click Apply, then OK. This will make the windows 10 files and folders Prevent recently and frequently used in Quick View.
Enable access rewind check both boxes, click Apply and then OK to confirm the changes.
Quick access must resume work.
Release brief history also solve this problem. Just click on the delete button before the "Delete browser history files" on the privacy option.
You can also click on the Restore Defaults button to set a shortcut does not work under Windows 10 values.
Set shortcut does not work under Windows 10 by rapid removal of the history of access.
Although this is similar to cleaning up the history of rapid access as explained in the first method, which has proven to be more efficient and to solve the problem of windows 10 shortcuts do not work if the first method does not work .

Go to the File Explorer in Windows 10 PC.
Paste paths down in the address and press the Enter key bar.
% AppData% \ Microsoft \ Windows \ \ Recent AutomaticDestinations
% AppData% \ Microsoft \ Windows \ \ Recent CustomDestinations
Click one of the files, press and hold Ctrl A to select all the files in each of these routes, right click and delete.
Visit the two previous tracks and delete all files in them as explained above.
Restart the computer and quick access to return to work.
It's all about how to fix a broken shortcut in Windows 10. Let us know if you were able to fix the shortcut does not work under Windows 10 problems with these methods.


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