Facebook Messenger gets juicer with Direct Share on Marshmallow and above

Messenger (like many people are much more comfortable simply reference to Facebook Messenger like Messenger) was actually pretty; increasingly part of our daily life. So far Facebook Messenger saw nicknames, examination equipment and works well as adding color, and emoji to come and then do not forget the SMS support to name a few. However, the last thing we can say is that Facebook is satisfied with what he has done so far, as it aims to PLUS !!!

And now Facebook throws us another characteristic of his messenger, which is more suitable for Android and is called Direct Share.

So far I'm on the web, I have met people who really solicited this function. We can therefore say that it is easing now especially when he gets to work very well. And for those of us who do not know much about the direct involvement regarding on board, you can simply locate Reddit or after a general tweet, comment, even a link, in fact, only the Android menu appears Share . Thus, when working with version less or anything above that, plus Android 7.0 or 6.0 marshmallow nougat, you will see your most contacted people-emerge in the Share menu that appears directly above above applications. So when you click on a person's profile picture (with a small Messenger icon on the bottom right), the message activity fee is now open, you can now write a legend even distribute it several people.

Of course, I personally welcome this addition, although the fact that it goes from the activity in virtually Messenger or just relieves stress to say a step or two. However, this is an upward movement!


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