Easily Switch Between Over 20 DNS Servers with DNS Change Assistant

Changing DNS servers can improve Web performance, improve safety and help you reach some sites that can not normally access.
It is difficult to do manually, but the Change of DNS Helper is a free tool that makes the process much easier.
A simple interface shows all you need to know about a tab. Choose a network card, the Preferred DNS server click "Change DNS" and you're done.
The original DNS server list contains over 20 options, including Google, OpenDNS, Comodo, Yandex, Norton.
These are stored in an INI file and very easy to change. Here is the basic format.

United States - Google Public DNS =,
USA - Comodo Secure DNS =,

Just add your new IP addresses and DNS server named, = Format and it will appear in the list.
Exceptionally, the helper DNS modification can change the DNS servers for IPv4 and IPv6 connections separately.
There are also some useful options to restore, save or DNS backup settings.
I was disturbed briefly by features such as "IP address hide" button, which does not hide your IP address itself, rather than opening the browser on the Hide My Ass website (Gee, thank you) . But once you know that you do not click on it, it did not really matter.
There is no shortage of tools similar to all but the IPv4 and IPv6 DNS change assistant support and is very long, the default editable list of DNS servers support program stand out. Give it a try.
Changing DNS Helper requires Windows XP or later.


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