Delivery Is Fast And Stable And Free Unlimited Download By Glo

The good guys now who will share the latest free browsing cheat that can be used in your Sim Card Glo, please make sure the Glo network is strong in your area and also 3G. After that, please follow the steps below. We will use Tweakware Mod V1.6. If you do not have the application and   Click To Download. This new round can not be turned off anyway if you follow my steps.

Now let me drop the parameters. As I said before, we will use Tweakware Mod v1.6 still Tweakware correct your mistakes.


First, sms Payu 127. be answered using data such as Pay As U go. Skip if you have already submitted the text.


A sim with 0.00 Glo balance and no data

3G high

Android phone

Mod v1.6 Tweakware

APN Settings

Name: GizNg


Type of APN: default Tick and Suppl

Proxy: leave blank

Port: leave blank

Username and password: flat

Start the Mod Tweakware, click logs => controller menu. You must present a latch input code child cdce.imishiro.032990 this code kindly.

Now scroll to the end and do the following:

Ticks Remove Port

Proxy Type: Actual host

proxy server:

Real Proxy: Default

actual proxy server: leave empty

Puerto Real proxy: 80

Child Lock Uncheck rules to avoid repeating the child lock request.

Now click Save

Go to Start, select the region or US

Netherlands and hit Connect.

You will be connected in 2 to 3 minutes.

Now open your browser and start surfing.

It is more stable and faster compared to Psiphon and siphon.

If you have problems when browsing on the turn or need help, then use the comment box below and also invite your friends here for the latest updates more


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